Creamy Swiss Chicken Bake!

In my humble opinion, the best recipes are the ones that you are able to make without having to go to the grocery store and track down a list of ingredients that are not already stocked in your pantry and fridge. The best recipes are ones with simple ingredients that always seem to be on hand. The coming recipe for a Creamy Swiss Chicken just that.. if you are someone who keeps a general list of dairy products in your fridge.

With the hustle and bustle of busy lives there is nothing so gratifying that preparing a home cooked meal that did not take you half of the day to get ready. What I like about this recipe too is that there is room for substitution to make it work for your busy schedule. If you don't have the Swiss cheese...try Mozzarella or something else that is sweet and light. If you are out of Parmesan, you can substitute for Asiago if it's on hand. In a pinch, sour cream can be replaced by thick Greek yogurt. The flavors will certainly turn out a little bit different, but the end results will be nothing short of a new family favorite.

After baking this delicious chicken in all the creamy and flavorful ingredients you will find that due to the creamy consistency it will be best served with compliments that can handle the richness. A basic wild rice would be an excellent choice for this meal since even when cooked it is it maintains a sort of crunchy texture that will pair well with creamy chicken. For your greens, I would choose a fast steamed crunchy broccoli which will go well with the cheese flavors.

Well enjoy this recipe! You can find the link to the full recipe from the 'Lil Luna' website link below.

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