DIY Bed With Storage Cubbies or Drawers

Regular old Ikea furniture or other warehouse stores have generic furniture that does serve its purpose well, but lacks that unique style that makes for a truly tailored room.

What other way to make a special addition to your home, than to make something with your own two hands with love and care that can't be replicated by a mass produced company? If you or someone you know is a handy woman or man, then consider taking on this project to take yours or your kids room to the next level.

This is a DIY bed with storage cubbies or drawers underneath, the project was originally inspired by Ana White, who featured two separate plans, the Farmhouse King Bed plan, and the Farmhouse Storage Bed. This lady from impatiently crafty merged these two plans to make a beautiful bed with ample amounts of storage, and the classic farmhouse style look without the hefty price tag that comes with the store bought versions. She spent a total of about $750 on the materials and the work involved, but the results are beautiful. First she went ahead and made the storage boxes, then she glued together the headboard pieces and foot board. She then stained those two pieces and made the bed a two-toned, natural wood combined with an off white color to finish the look. Then she went ahead and put the bed together and finished the piece by adding the slats.

Go ahead and check out her site for the step by step instructions and pictures to guide you along the way. In addition, there are floor plans available for download if you're interested in making these pieces yourself. She has a lot of other DIY tutorials on the site, so if this one doesn't suit you, check out one of the other ones. The pictures are clear, and the end results are amazing!

Please visit the 'Impatiently Crafty' website below for details.

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