DIY kitchen shelving unit under $150

To build your own kitchen shelves can be possible these days especially if you are running tight on budget, ideally within a $150 range.

You can start off with using spruce pine lumbers as your kind of wood material for a tight budget DIY kitchen shelf plan. You need five pieces of lumber with the specific sizes: 2x4 x 12Ft x 4, 2"x3" x 8FT x 3, 1"x6" x 12FT x 4, 1"x8" x 12FT x 2, and 1"x12" x 6FT x 1.

As for the tools, you would need the usual and basic carpentry tools like clamps, igsaw, drill, driver, and the table saw.

First step requires that you start off with making its foundations or the frame. Mix the 2x4 and the 2x3 for its four legs with a length of 3 feet. The frame for the top portion measures at 56 x 14 while for the bottom, you can use the 2x4 lumber. The middle frame should have a similar dimension but with the 2x3 instead. Attach the screw from the inside portion of the frame and right on the side.

Next is to join all three pieces for the middle shelf part but by using the 2x3 frame. Then attach the middle and bottom frame together by cutting four pieces of the 2x3 with 8 inch length for each. You can eventually add more boards for the bottom part of the shelf.

Finally to be able to secure the middle shelf part, add the 2x3 poles to all the corners. A good tip to make it convenient to adjust the middle shelf height, it is advisable to use 4 pieces of 2x3 to make the middle shelf stronger even without needing to use nails or screws.

It is very fortunate and convenient to find a lot of easy to follow DIY projects that you can do on your own. Projects like these will certainly help you not just enjoy the experience of doing something on your own but also save a lot of money instead of hiring someone else to do it for you.

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