DIY Mosquito Trap That Will Catch 1000s

It is a fact that all people hate mosquitos, and we have been battling them since the beginning of their existence. Why not try out this DIY Mosquito Trap That Will Catch 1000s of mosquitos this summer and see if it actually works and keeps you bite free this summer? Mosquitos can be utterly annoying, and it starts to make you wonder why they even exist... some people would have to agree that they exist simply to annoy and bite us all summer long. Mosquitos don't really serve any other purpose than being a food source for frogs, birds, dragonflies and other insects and some fish. But we end up becoming the mosquitos food source!

You can use citronella candles, or incense but that only lasts so long. And then there are the chemicals that keep them away, but aren't good for humans either. If it can kill another living being, it can't be good for us either, so always remember that! All of that DEET filled spray is so toxic for us and our pets, anything that gets into our respiratory system or onto our skin, gets into our bloodstream too, so also keep that in mind as you choose the products to keep the bugs away.

This is an awesome, and fairly simple way to collect a bunch of mosquitos at once, and you can always then collect them and leave them for the animals and other insects who eat them! It doesn't involve any chemicals which is nice, and you can even make a solar powered version so you are not using too much electricity! This is a great idea for places that get a ton of mosquitos, like down in Florida, where this man lives. This will definitely collect thousands of mosquitos for you! So you won't be too annoyed by them any more. Head over to 'Homestead & Survival' by following the link in the section below for more!

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