DIY Rustic Wood Walls

People have been using wood to build things for centuries, and it remains an unparalleled building tool that is so versatile and practical.

The best part is that by using it compared to other building materials, it's an eco-friendly option because it will ultimately degrade and return to dirt. Other Plastic, synthetic materials take a lot longer to decompose resulting in overburdened land waste sites. When you think of a building being demolished, they need to transport all that waste somewhere, and it usually ends up being hauled to the country away from the city, where it pollutes the environment and neighbouring towns.

But there's a better way of building and decorating our homes, and that's the time and tested use of wood! In this DIY article, you will see how people are using logs in creative ways to make beautiful arrangements to add a rustic touch to their homes. There are 40 examples of ways to use wood from simple and elegant candle holders and coat racks to the most complex arrangements of tables, bar carts, and light fixtures.

One of the examples is for DIY rustic wood walls where they covered a wall in wood slices to make a geometric pattern that adds a super interesting texture that brings a dull and boring painted wall to a whole new level. There's no reason wood needs to be used in the old traditional fashions, there are many ways you can incorporate it into your decorations. Go ahead and check out this article to get inspired on some anything but traditional ways of adding some style and character to your abode. Some of them require a bit of handyman skills, but others are simple enough you can do it as a craft with your kids on the weekend!

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