DIY Self-Watering Wine Bottle Herb Garden

We love gardening .. (or maybe sometimes just the fruits of the garden and the beautiful life that they add to a room or windowsill). Who of us has started out with good intentions to keep a small and useful windowsill herb garden, and then found that for some reason they just kept dying. If there are ways in this world to make things easier, then why not take advantage of them?

This fun little DIY will help you to grow your herbs even easier with this funky little set up. This is not really a new idea, just sort of a new take on an old idea where as kids in primary school we used Styrofoam cups to do this or 2 Liter plastic bottles. The beauty of this new ideas is that we are using glass which is a healthier environment for growing food that you eat. When water and plastic sit together for too long, the plastic can seap into the water and then inevitably up into the roots of the plants. The set up works like so. The initial work is probably the most of the challenge, but once it is up and running it is well worth the time. The benefits are many including recycling cool glass bottles (you may get lucky and find a pretty blue bottle, or check around in the hard liquor aisles for really neat designs). You also get access to fresh, tasty and nourishing herbs that can be used in salves, meals and aromatherapy.

You will need:

1 glass bottle

2 x 2 inches of screen

8-10 inches of butchers twine

a small amount of soil

herbs to plant

A glass to set it in (which could also be the base of the bottle you cut)

How this works so well is that once the herbs are planted, the string is in contact with both the soil and the water in the base so that as the soil is dry, the water can crawl up the string and into the soil as the plant needs it, without the risk of overwatering.

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