DIY Strawberry Tube Planter

Strawberries are usually grown in rows directly in the soil. This DIY shows you that there is another way! Instead of planting them traditionally, why not plant them vertically in a tube planter. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create a tube planter.

What You Will Need:

Electric Drill with bit that can cut a 5-7cm hole

2 or 3mm drill bit

PVC downpipe (10mm or 150mm diameter). The length=the height of the unit

End cap for downpipe

Downpipe for watering (about 15mm)



Duct tape



A good quality of fertile soil

1 litre of course gravel

Strawberry plants

Few companion plants (marigolds, nasturtiums)

Large box or tub

Fixing collar or ties


Decide the length and cut the tower accordingly.

Make the watering tube 8-10cm longer.


Make vents in the watering tube by drilling holes.

Drill only in the 2/3 top of the tube. Putting holes all the way down will only make the water drain out.

Completing the Watering Tube:

Cut the geotextile to cover the holes in the watering pipe.

Carefully whittle down the cork that fits the end of the watering tube.

Seal it with duct tape to hold it in place.

Cutting the holes in the tower:

Drill holes on the surfaces that will face the sunlight.

Preferably drill only three rows of holes with 20cm depth apart.

Filling: Place the large tube against the wall.

Place the end cap at the base of the tube.

Insert the watering tube inside the large tube, and then fill the bottom with gravel.


Planting a companion plant can help in warding off pests.


Be careful when moving it.

Hold the endcap with one hand.


Daily watering is needed especially in warmer weather.


If you notice ant farms attacking the strawberries, use citrus oil and smear it to their path.

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