DIY Tiki Torches

While it may not be in everyone's budget to escape to the beaches of Hawaii or really any hot places this summer, it only requires a little elbow grease, a bit of time, and you can successfully create your own tropical getaway in your backyard. You can spend the late summer evenings in the dying sunlight with your family and friends without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. However, you often encounter two problems when you sit outside in the evenings, one is bugs and the other is that fading day, but with these tiki lights, well you've killed two birds with one stone. Wave goodbye to those slightly tacky store-bought tiki torches and wave hello to those cute, crafty, designer looking DIY Tiki torches.

You only need to do a couple of things for this tutorial, and one of them is miss out on the ten cents at the bottle return depot and raid your recycling bin of a wine bottle or a glass jar that you may've taken a particular fancy to. In some cases it can cost you less than $15 to make three successful and all over cool looking torches. Feel free to let your inner creative deity run wild with these; they beg to be re-imagined, and those process shared. All you need is the basis equation and then you can create gold. Not literally, this isn't alchemy, people.

Not only will these help to create a wonderful ambient atmosphere, but they will decorate your garden parties and light up your world a little longer into the evening, so you can just be worried about spending time with good friends, making memories, not waking up covered in bug bites and having the reassurance that people will definitely be complimenting you for days to come about your cool and creative DIY Tiki Torches.

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