Easy DIY Platform Bed

Platform beds which might be recognized as more accurate representations of today's platform beds were better defined as loft beds. The beds were originally situated high off the ground to allow for more living space below. Platform beds are able to support a mattress without the use of a box spring, although many beds are able to accommodate the box spring if desired.

The good thing about making your own platform bed is that it's very easy even if you are a beginner. You can also make any size and design that will fit the room. With the use of some 1 1/2" thick boards, 2by3s, 1by3s, a drill, Kreg Jil, different size of wood screws and some trusted wood stains, you will be able to make your platform bed in the weekend.


1. Start by making cuts for the top and bottom frame and drill the pocket holes using the Kreg Jil for 1 1/2" thick boards.

2. Attach the top and bottom frame with the 1 1/2" pocket hole screws using the drill, make sure to pre-drill them first because the wood might split especially when using a regular wood screw.

3. After attaching the frames, attach the center support with 2 1/2" pocket hole screws. It will become heavy from here onwards so ask for help in flipping it.

4. Attach the 2by3s cleats with the 2 1/2" wood screws. If you have a spax self-tapping screws, then these are much better because you don't have to pre-drill before using them.

5. Finish it with applying one coat of wood stain. The Varathrane Brand in Dark Walnut if you are buying at Home Depot is the best to coat it. Wait for it to dry before taking it to the room and attaching the headboard. Important: you will want to attach the headboard after taking it to the room so that it'll not be hard for you when you are fitting it to through the door.

The entire platform bed will not cost you more than $55 and can be made for cheaper if you can get and recycle some construction wood waste in factories or buildings near you.

Adding a design will also add a traditional or modern style to your bed.

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