Eco-Perch Tree House

Homes that are inspired by the environment are one of the things that give us hope in the quest to save our planet, especially the ones that are from reclaimed and recycled materials. If you want to have a house like this, intensive research is a must, and were sure that you will be able to find the perfect one that will fit your taste and personality. Your shelter should also describe what kind of person you are. If you heard the saying, you are what you wear, we say, you are where you live.

This house that youre about to discover today is one of the best eco-friendly homes that you will find, and its impossible you wont be inspired after learning about it. The inspiration for this house came from the Blue Forests popular tree houses. The materials used to build this are all natural. The organic environment compliments both the interior and the outside scene of the house. You are guaranteed to have a healthy lifestyle if this is your place of residence. Its shape is something usual that you rarely see for a house because it is oblong and did we mention that it is built right on a tree? Yes, it is a tree house only you wont have to climb a lot of stairs to get inside.

It is up to you if you want this kind of house built in a tree or simply on the ground. You can always work with your architect and interior designer on how exactly you envision your house. This is going to be a very cool project once it is done and an ideal off the grid home.

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