Facebook Vs. Phone Number: The Great Debate Which Is Better?

Since we now live in the age of the Internet, dating seems to be easier. A lot of men think that Facebook is a huge help when it comes to asking a girl out rather than the usual, which would require them to ask for a girls phone number first. It could indeed be nerve wracking for most of them to approach a girl and simply ask for her digits. The first step is always the hardest, but since Facebook was created; that step has just become easier. It has worked for some, but not all men would agree with this. Here are some pros and cons regarding asking a girl out using Facebook and using the traditional way of acquiring her phone number.

If youre a man, the advantage of using Facebook to ask a girl out is that it gives you less pressure. You could just simply hit that Add Friend button, and she could easily accept it. Once she does, you can already start a small talk using that little chat room and ask for her number while youre at it. Conversing is easy and smooth when you are not physically around that person. For some reason, its easy to be yourself when people cant see you. And, of course, in case you get rejected that she didnt give you her number in the end; you can always just unfriend her or block her to hide that frustration you just felt.

But most of the time, if you are sincere and if a girl doesnt find you creepy at all, she is most likely to give you her number and would even go out with for coffee or even dinner. One of the disadvantages of using Facebook to get a date is when you guys dont have any friends in common, and you just add her out of the blue. Why? Because she could flag you as a stalker and a total creep if you do that.

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