First Date Advice for Men: How to Avoid Being Nervous

Alright guys, who among you here doesn’t have first date jitters? *silence* *another long silence* *another 5 hours of deafening silence* Well, I can see that all of you here has it. So what happens when you are nervous on a first date? “I become paranoid! Like I think she doesn't like me and other whatnot! I like her so much and I want her to be my girlfriend!” “I stutter at the things I say.” “Uhm… I…” You what? “I pee myself.” *silence* Ok, let me hug you. Here, here. *hugs* The paranoia, stuttering, and… peeing, are major turn offs on a first date. But then again, the Great David Wygant is here to help. *winks*

In Wygant’s website, a guy named Joe asks for his help. There’s this girl that Joe likes and it would be their first date. He just met the girl, talked with her for a few minutes, and he thinks she’s amazing. And for their first date, Joe asks for some tips, pointers, and some conversation starters. And guys, this advice is not only for Joe; this is for all of you. Wygant’s advice is real simple. Gentlemen, YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW IF THIS GIRL IS WHAT YOU TRULY LIKE. “You don’t know if you like this girl at all. Too many men do this. They get this vision of the woman inside their head,” says Wygant. Most of all, you don’t even know WHO she is. Come on! You just met her and you are already thinking about making her your girlfriend! What if she’s mean to her parents? What if her underarm and feet stink? What if she’s a nagger? What if she’s a play girl? There are many more what-ifs queries, but you don’t know the answers to those questions yet, dude, because you just met her.

“So what is David Wygant’s advice?” Just keep it cool. “Act as if you’re hanging out with a new friend, just getting to know them,” Wygant advises. You can take her to a coffee shop with cool indie background music. “Or take a walk in the park during the summertime and talk about the beautiful things around you,” he adds. Make your first date an activity-based date so you can always have something to talk about. “Just stop having this fantasy of who she is in your mind and you won’t get nervous and the conversation will flow,” Wygant emphasizes.

To read more about his simple advice, click David Wygant’s link below. Have fun on your first date! *winks*

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