Fudge Pie

This Fudge Pie Recipe is a simple, decadent chocolate pie filling that can be used in your favorite homemade pie crust recipe or store bought crust. This easy pie recipes is one of the best pie recipes you will try. The name alone and your mouth begins to water. This fudge pie recipe is a quick and easy pie recipes to make with ingredients like evaporated milk, semi chocolate morsels, and chopped pecans. This creamy and chocolaty pie recipe is sure to satisfy any sweet cravings you might have. The addition of healthy pecans in this easy pie recipe will make you feel a little less guilty consuming this decadent, chocolate pie dessert.

The word pecan comes from the Algonquian word meaning a nut that requires a stone to crack. Before European settlers came, pecans were a nut that was widely consumed and traded by the Native Americans. Pecans can provide from two to five times more energy per unit weight than wild game, and require no preparation. As a wild forage, pecans that are from the previous growing season are still edible when found on the ground. Hollow tree trunks, found in abundance in pecan stands, offered the ideal storage spot for pecans by humans and squirrels. Pecan trees may live and bear edible seeds for more than 300 years. Pecan trees are mostly self-incompatible because most cultivars are clones derived from wild trees which show incomplete dichogamy. Two or more trees of different cultivars must be present to pollinate each other. Pecans are a good source of dietary fiber and protein. Pecans also have smaller amounts of iron, calcium, and Vitamin C.

Evaporated milk, which is also known in some countries as unsweetened condensed milk, is a canned milk recipe that is shelf-stable. Evaporated milk has about 60 percent of the water removed from fresh milk. The recipe differs from sweetened condensed milk, which contains added sugar. Sweetened condensed milk also requires less time to process since the added sugar inhibits bacterial growth. Evaporated milk, when mixed with water, becomes the rough equivalent of fresh milk, in taste and nutritional value. This fact makes it an attractive food for shipping as it has a shelf life of months or even years, dependent upon the fat and sugar content. This made evaporated milk very popular before refrigeration came along as a safe and reliable substitute for perishable fresh milk, which could be easily shipped to locations that didn't have the means of safe milk production or storage.

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