Funky and unique backyard gazebo. Easy to build!

Wow, wouldn't it be awesome to have a little porch all your own in your back yard? Check out this awesome Funky and unique backyard gazebo, plus its easy to build! There are so many reasons to have a covered hang out in your back yard. First of all its a great way to be outside, while still relaxing in comfort, plus its a great way to stay in the shade where its a little bit cooler, also, you can put up sheets or mosquito netting so you don't get eaten alive by those annoying critters! And its also just a fun place to have for entertaining!

This funky and unique backyard gazebo is super stylish looking and has a ton of space to hang out in! The logs that were used are just cut into thinner sized planks that are made into a simple box structure, and then a huge circle is cut out, leaving you with a really cool looking, very stylish back yard retreat! They then put in some great bench seating and made it like a little lounge area with some great cushions. This looks like a great place to relax and kick up your feet, read a book, or maybe work out of if it's a nice day.

The nice part is, you can be in here even if it is raining! Wouldn't it be so nice to relax with the sound of the rain trickling down on the outside of the gazebo? Watching it fall through the circular entrances... Such a relaxing and soothing place to be. The plants they have added around the gazebo really give it a nice touch too! Would you ever like to build something this funky in your back yard? Would you go with this design or something more traditional and simple? Head over to 'Lolila' by following the link in the section below for more!

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