Furniture Log Sofa Futon

It is so inspiring to see someone creative with wood. I salute you, Sir! Honestly, I really appreciate this kinds of people; people who look what is beyond ordinary things. For example, with a blank piece of paper, I could actually create a flower on or out of this and it would no longer just be a blank piece of paper. You see? It takes a closer look for you to really appreciate something and visualize something different from it, not only basing our judgments on what we see on the surface. How wonderful our world would be if people are always like that. It would be a perfect place to live in.

Anyway, so much for that. Lets go to this wonderfully made log sofa. According to the site, this is a rustic style log sofa and obviously handmade. It looks like it has a strong quality (which, I'm sure, is on the top of your list when you seek for a furniture) and with a futon placed on it, it would be so comfortable. It is not only a sofa. It could also be used as a bed! If you have a small house and can't accommodate a king-size bed, I would definitely suggest this! A multi-purpose sofa! What more can we ask for? You can watch football on it and when you're done, you could sleep at it soundly all-night! If your girl friends want to stay at your home, the sofa would be a perfect place for you to gossip and talk about your crushes. You can sleep there, challenge your friends into a pillow fight, (is it possible? I guess so) eat midnight snacks and have a good time.

What an ideal log sofa to end the day! However, I am not saying that you base your days happiness in a log sofa. What I am trying to tell is that after a long day at school or work, you can always find comfort on your simple but lovely sofa. The instruction can be found below at the Goods Home Design website.

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