Garlic and Parmesan Roasted Asparagus

Our featured recipe is Garlic and Parmesan Roasted Asparagus. Sounds delicious doesn't it.

Let talk a little bit about asparagus. To begin with, this perennial veggie is rich in Vitamin C, B, calcium and iron. If you have ever had the pleasure of picking an asparagus spear, you know how tasty and tender they are. Crops start to shoot their spears up in the spring time. Mild climates have more problems growing asparagus than cold climates as these beloved perennials, thrive in climates where the ground freezes in the winter and where you have a dry climate.

The asparagus plant is either a male or a female, and this classifies them into the monoecius category. Productive male plant varieties would be the Jersey Knight and Jersey Giant. These plants are more productive as male plants yield more harvestable shoots. The reason is that male plants don't waste energy producing seeds such as the female plants. If high production is the aim in your planting, male plants are the better choice.

Asparagus planted from seeds will take three years to grow before harvesting. Asparagus crowns you shorten the growing time to two years.

Asparagus is not always the lowest price vegetable in the supermarket. Perhaps knowing that the farmer has a two to three year time investment in this delightful food can give us all a greater appreciation as to what goes into obtaining this great food.

The recipe we are about to share with you not only has tasty green asparagus spears, but it is prepared with fresh garlic and tasty grated Parmesan cheese.

Each mouthful offers a savory experience. It is simple to prepare and a baked dish is offering textures and color.

This dish is perfectly paired with a variety of main menu choices.

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