Garlic Shrimp

Shrimps! Do you eat shrimp? Hmmm! Shrimps unlimited! The term shrimp according to Wikipedia is, “used to refer to some decapod crustaceans, although the exact animals covered can vary.” They are found mostly near the seafloor on most coasts, as well as in lakes and rivers. Shrimps are common and plenty. They play vital roles most especially in the food chain and are significant food sources for larger animals from fishes down to whales.

Either fresh or frozen, shrimp is one of America’s favorite type of seafood. Aside that it is low in saturated fat, filled with protein, and a very good source of selenium, vitamin B12, iron, and zinc. It is also a unique source of the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutrient called astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is a carotenoid that is popular nowadays in the latest health research primarily because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. A single 4 ounce serving of a shrimp contains 1-4 milligrams of astaxanthin Therefore aside that it is delicious, it is also a healthy food served whether breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner.

Shrimp is frequently included in “AVOID TO EAT” list for persons wanting to lessen their dietary intake of cholesterol. But who can resist the taste of this seafood? *lol* Studies shows, “220 milligrams of cholesterol contained in a 4-ounce serving of shrimp makes this approach a legitimate concern.” BUT, on the other hand, regardless of its high cholesterol content it has been noted that it possesses desirable aspects of omega-3 fat which is good for the heart.

So since shrimps are good for the heart, why not try this garlic shrimp recipe over the weekend? Yeah, I know you are craving for it too! Grab your wallet now and head abruptly to your local wet market and buy some shrimps.

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