Get a Peek Inside a Spacious Log Home With a Striking Central Fireplace

Many people build log houses to retire in later on in life. Some will even build them while they're still working and use the log house as a vacation home until they're ready to retire and move in full-time. One couple had the dream to move into a log house upon retirement. They waited until their kids went off to college to make a move into this stunning log house. They always loved the comfort and warmth of a log house, so they knew that's the type of home they wanted without a doubt. They sketched up a rough plan and then went on to find a log home building company to make their dreams come true. The company they found was Ward Cedar Log Homes a company based in Maine, and they have some really great log house designs to choose from as well as custom built homes like this one. They built their home on their beautiful 3-acre property that was very scenic and rural, but close enough to the city.

The couple worked with Dennis Ward who had been in the log home building business since 1985 and had built at least 15 log homes when they met up with him. The home was constructed out of six by six northern white cedar logs done in a D-Log profile. The logs are interlocked with butt-and-pass intersections at the corners making the home very sturdy. Then, the amazing purlin roof system is created out of eastern white spruce. The result is a stunning 2,800 square foot handcrafted log house that combines rustic charm with modern technology. This home was also featured in Log Home Living magazine in August of 2005. Ward Cedar Log Homes has representatives like Dennis all over the US, so no matter where you live if you like Ward Cedar Log Homes, you could have one of them built for you. The company uses computer programs to design their buildings, and their staff is great at coming up with the perfect plan for you and your family. You can start to decide on your log home designs by figuring out how many bedrooms and bathrooms you'll need in your home as well as any key features you'd like to have. For example, one of the features of this log house is the beautiful wood burning fireplace that is the heart of the home. The company is not only one of the leading log home builders in the US, but they've also built log houses in other countries as well.

The company has been building log houses since 1923. They also build log cabins, commercial buildings, and hybrid log homes. Once you've decided on the design, they will come up with the floor plans and manufacture your log house package in their factory. Once the package is all ready to go, they deliver it to your property, and you can assemble it yourself or have a contractor build it for you. The log home building packages from Ward Cedar Log Homes is actually one of the most complete log home packages available. Each of the logs is precision-cut and then labelled, so you know where each piece goes. Not all log home packages are created the same, so it's important that when you're comparing different companies to know what each one is offering before you compare the prices. Ward Cedar Log Homes has a Comparison Guide PDF that you can download that will help you compare the log houses. Check out this and some of their other amazing designs and see how incredible their log houses truly are.***

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