Get Big, Full Lips in Just 5 Steps

Angelina Jolie. Scarlett Johansson. Kylie Jenner. What do you think these girls have in common? Yes, they're all pretty, I agree, but it's their LIPS that standout to us most of the time. Their full, luscious, plump lips.

In this generation, women are more meticulous when it comes to their faces. They spend tons of money and time to make sure that when they go out or take a selfie, they look their best. One of the most enhanced parts of the face that is so often seen in the social media are the lips.

Our lips as we all know are uniquely designed from one another. No lips are exactly the same. They vary in size, shape, color and even texture. But these days, we all know that the plumper and fuller your lips are, the more attention is drawn to you. So the main question here is, how can we make our lips fuller and plumper without the need for surgery or lip injections? Here are a few tricks that might help us out with just a few makeup products.

Conceal don't feel. Concealing our lips is one of the very first steps to achieving the perfect lip. Just dab concealer all over the lip to completely wipe out the color of our natural lips.

Follow the line. Lining the lips is another trick. Simply follow the natural line of your lips, or you can even overdraw just a tiny, little bit to give the appearance of bigger lips. If you're a beginner with lip liners, make sure to use a neutral shade for a more natural look.

The "My Lips, But Better" color lipsticks. Stick to shades that are very much similar to the natural color of your lips. Maybe a shade darker would do, but the closer it is to your natural lip shade, the better it's going to look.

Shine on me. Glosses are your best friend if you want your lips to appear fuller and plumper. Stick to clear glosses or neutral colored glosses when applying it over your lipstick. Glosses have a reflects that bounces back to your lips, making it look fuller. If you're not comfortable with glosses since they can be sticky sometimes, try applying it only in the center of the lips since this is the most plump part of lips and a gloss in it gives it more focus and attention.

Highlight of the day. Yep, highlighters will also be your friends if you wanna achieve that Angelina Jolie pout. Apply it just to your Cupid's bow. Since highlighters have reflects on it as well, it will bring forward this feature of your lip and will make you look like the next Kylie Jenner.

Simple steps right? Now don't forget that these are just tricks to give you plumper and fuller lips, but make sure to practice until you get that "perfect lip" which you wanted so much.

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