Gorgeous Log Bed

I love watching the Northern Lights. The Northern Lights, also known as 'Aurora Borealis' are basically the brightly green and blue hued spectacular displays, that occur after gas particles collide in the Earths atmosphere. These displays occur in very high latitude areas of the Earth most likely to be seen from northern parts of Canada, Greenland, Alaska, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and the upper parts of Russia. You must travel between September through March for the best chance to see them, and during this time frame you can expect colder weather as you are out searching for these lights, and to avoid light pollution it often means you are far from the cities. Wouldn't you rather lay in a Gorgeous Log Bed all warm and stare through the skylights into the frosty heavens to see this aerial show? Well you can do that and more at the Northern Lights Hotel in Finland.

Staying at this 'Aurora Borealis viewing lodge' is an experience unlike any other. One of the most talked about hotels of the world, this hotel is rated the best place to see and view the Northern lights, and it allows you to do so in numerous ways. Everything from a real "actual snow igloo" where the temp at night is approx negative two degrees, to an igloo shaped room made out of glass allowing perfect viewing of the night sky. In this lodge, guests get the comfortable luxury and can sleep in these giant log beds and still see the beautiful lights above. The lodge also has larger wooden cabins that offer more comfort and size for your stay and most guests do a combination of all of the rooms for the optimal viewing experience. Even though you are never guaranteed to see the Northern Lights, as this glowing mass shifts with the "oval" around the Northern Hemisphere in the highest regions of the atmosphere. This resort does offer a comfortable experience for you to try to glimpse these elusive Aurora Borealis, in their shades of glowing green and blue dance across the night sky. All around the world people trek thousands of miles, or fly across continents, or voyage to the most northern parts of the globe, just for a chance to see these incredible lights.

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