Grow Your Own Potatoes In A Potato Bag

Growing your crop of potatoes in a bag is a gardening trend that is catching on!

You do not need to have a big garden to grow potatoes. You can yield many pounds of potatoes when you grow your potatoes in the potato bag. The potato bag is designed with one side that opens so that you can open it up and harvest just a few potatoes at a time and just use them as you need them.

There is no greater joy than digging up a potato and cooking it. If you have children, they will be eager to put their little fingers in the soil and pull a potato out.

This bag method allows even those with balconies or patios as their only garden space the opportunity to enjoy their own harvest.

Because the potatoes are growing under your watchful eye, they have less chance of disease and pests.

There are several varieties of potatoes and the length of growing time from planting to harvest vary from 10 weeks for the first early potatoes to 20 weeks for the maincrop potatoes.

All potatoes should be planted in March and April depending where you live in the country. All danger of frost must be gone. They are a spring planting crop. Get your seed potatoes from your local garden center.

To plant your potato bag, roll the planting bag down until it is about a 6-inches high. Fill the bottom of the bag with 4-inches of a good quality, multipurpose compost soil mixture. Place 5 potatoes equally spaced in soil. Be sure the eyes of the potatoes are facing up. Spread some organic slow release fertilizer around the potatoes being careful not to touch the potatoes with the fertilizer. Sprinkle another four inches of compost soil over the top. Water the soil only once every few days. Monitor it as you want it to be moist but not soggy. Soggy soil rots the root systems.

Potatoes grow from the stems beneath the surface, in the soil. As the foilage shoots up, you need to keep covering it with more shallow layers of your compost/soil mixture. As the foilage keeps growing the depth of your soil gets deeper and you will need to roll up the sides of the potato planting bag as the plants grow taller and taller.

The potatoes will be growing under the soil, multiplying and growing off the root systems.

If you want to produce a lot of potatoes in your bag you must be sure the watering is even, and the soil is not too wet and you must use a good organic all-purpose fertilizer. Do not over fertilize as that can burn the plant.

The porous fabric in the bag will allow the soil to breath. As much as you do not want to overwater, you must also be mindful that the soil does not dry out. In the springtime, when the days and evenings are cool, you may only need to water every few days.When it is the full heat of the summer, you may need to water everyday. This is one of the most important things that a gardener must learn to do correctly.

The potato plant produces flowers from the foilage as they grow. In a large field, you would leave them to run their natural course, but in planting in a bag you want to encourage as much potato growth as possible. If you want to you can pinch the flowers off, and it may encourage a little more underground growth. Flowers indicate that there are mature potatoes underground.

As the season progresses, the foilage will turn yellow and start to wilt. This is the time to know that you want to cut watering down to a minimum if you do not plan to pull all the potatoes out at one time. With this method of growing you do not need to pull them all at once. Because of the side opening on the potato growing bag you can open it up and just take what you would like to eat that day.

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