Handmade Round Vintage Oak Whiskey Barrel Table

Spring is here, and it’s time for redecorating! Out with the old and in with the new – or, at least, the new to you! How about a new coffee table for your living room or the bar in your man cave? Isn’t this little coffee table just the coolest thing you’ve ever seen? If you love vintage items, then this is the coffee table for you. Its base is made from an antique oak whiskey barrel straight out of a distillery in Tennessee. Oh, if only it could speak – the stories it could tell!

Its gorgeous round top is made from pine and it is hinged to the base, so it can open up – revealing a storage space inside with lots of room – the perfect hiding place for a bottle of whiskey and a couple of glass tumblers, perhaps? Maybe even a cigar or two?

Each piece of the Round Vintage Oak Whiskey Barrel Table is completely handmade, so you know no one else will have the exact same one as you do. Its luscious brown caramel finish gives it a rich, antique, “weathered” appearance.

Whiskey barrels were traditionally made out of oak for several reasons. According to the most knowledgeable of whiskey brewers, not only was oak chosen for its strength but for its chemical content and unique effect on the whiskey as well – it “gives it character” to the whiskey. It is said to add to the flavor and bouquet of the whiskey while also removing unwanted compounds (for example, sulphur). So, to actually own a genuine oak whiskey barrel is quite a rare treat indeed. For it to serve as a coffee table? Even better!

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