Here Are 13 Cooking Tips That Will Turn Anyone Into A Top Chef

Any chef wannabe here? Well, for chef wannabes, like me, these thirteen kitchen tips will make you say “like a chef!” Hmm, it’s actually ‘like a boss’, I just change ‘boss’ to ‘chef’ so yeah…whatever! Let’s continue, there goes my brain again. Pfft! Anyway, let us go through two of these kitchen tips. Actually, I have some kitchen stories to tell. *big smile* I have tried this two and I'm not sure if they are really good stories. It’s up to you. You might be able to relate yourself while reading this! So yeah, too much talking. Let us proceed.

The first tip I did is the ‘remove the core from lettuce by slamming it down on a cutting board -- hard.’ The good thing about me is that when it comes to kitchen, I really follow instructions. And sometimes, I exaggerate these instructions. Like this one, slamming the lettuce hardly on the cutting board. The thing here is that I slam the lettuce really hard. Like extremely hard! I feel like San Goku of Dragon Ball Z when I did that. There’s nothing wrong about it, actually. But you know what’s really wrong? When you place your fingertips in the wrong part the lettuce, in the part where you have to slam it hard. The ending? I slammed my fingers instead of the lettuce.

The second tip I tried is the ‘smash the cloves, put them in a couple of bowls and shake really hard’. Like I said, I'm good at following instructions…and exaggerating them. There goes the word ‘hard’ again! Since I failed to bring my brain in the kitchen, I used two uneven FRAGILE bowls to shake the cloves. Yes, I'm so good at shaking it hard and not so good at holding it closely and tightly. What happens next? I spilled everything and…I have to buy two new kitchen bowls.

You don’t want these disasters to happen to you, right? If yes, then clumsiness has no room in the kitchen. Follow instructions carefully and observe the proper equipments that are used. However, if you want to experience these disasters, you can come here and live with me. *winks*

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