Homemade Solar Furnace for Under $50

Want to find ways to live cheaper? Yes, I understand. We all do. *sighs* This new alternative for energy source will not only make you smile when you look at your wallet, but will also help save our endangered Mother Earth. Do you want to know what it is? A solar furnace, amigo! Your smile will reach your ears because this is easy to make and inexpensive! You'll only need 50 dollars! *winks* For those who are really trying to save, lets take a walk and talk about this solar furnace.

A solar furnace is a structure that utilizes concentrated solar energy to produce high temperatures, usually for industry. France has the largest solar furnace. It was first opened in 1970 at Odeillo, France. Archimedes, a Greek Scientist is said to have used solar furnace during the Second Punic War (218-202 B.C.). Archimedes used an array of mirrors to set the attackers on fire. Forgive me butI'm starting to think that Archimedes is cool! I mean his idea. And a real genius! May the attackers soul rest in peace though. In 2005, a test has been conducted to see if this theory is correct by a group in Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They conclude that although the theory was sound for stationary objects, the mirrors would not likely have been able to concentrate sufficient solar energy to set a ship on fire under battle conditions. Uhm, Archimedes? This is awkward. *silence* But you're still a genius, Sir! I salute you!

I have already mentioned the benefits of installing solar furnace at home, however, let us further elaborate these advantages. We will never run out of sun. This is for sure. So this energy can be used by the entire human race until death do us part. During winter season, you can use this to provide warmth to the entire house. It can give hot water and power to electronic appliances.

Solar energy as a budget-friendly way of getting energy is very likely. So get busy and put your solar furnace under the sky and smile because you know that you can now save some extra money!*winks* Bless you, solar furnace!What are you waiting for? Go get your 50 dollars and start your solar furnace now!

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