House in the Trees

Dreaming of building your very own tree house somewhere on your property? Looking for those lazy summertime days from your childhood to spend worry free moments hidden away in your safe spot far from the hassles of everyday world? Tree house are not only a dream and toy of our childhood, they are fast becoming a housing movement alongside the tiny house movement and building off the grid.

Some practical building tips for a tree house are in finding the perfect tree which is strong, stable and balanced...and also choosing materials that are lightweight and weather resistant. Some trees will provide a certain amount of shelter, but there are some varieties to watch out for. You will also have to plan out the logistics of hoisting your materials up into the heights of your new home. Find a heavy dute chain and create a wheel based pulley system with locking caribeners to help with control. There are not always people who follow these rules of weight restrictions, rather they would push the limits in all avenues even sometimes choosing heavy weight materials like oak and fir.

To minimize the impact on the tree, you can anchor your crossbeams with 3/4 inch lag screws.

Be patient with this project as it will take both planning and patient along the way. Google the net for tree housse plans and ideas for lots of free information.