Hovering, Twisting, Cigar-Shaped UFO Baffles Britian

I have always been fascinated about extra-terrestrials. I don't necessarily believe that there may be other intelligent life sharing the universe with us humans, but articles or videos discussing aliens, UFO's and what-have-you never fail to catch my attention, especially these videos of "supposed" UFO sightings.

Just as the name indicates, Unidentified Flying Objects can simply be anything floating in the sky; a toy helicopter or plane, a huge kite, a blimp, some sort of weather equipment or maybe, just maybe, an alien vessel. There are many conspiracy theories about aliens; I'm sure everyone has heard at least one or two. But I've always wondered how true the stories of alien UFO's crashing into the earths surface are. As for the video in the link below, you will think that the rotating object in the sky is no doubt an alien UFO. Nothing on earth looks like it; it certainly doesn't look like a plane or helicopter. However, there were many questions raised with regards to the validity of this video. One is that it doesn't coincide with similar sightings around the area, thus questioning the authenticity of the video. Well, try watching the video and you be the judge on its authenticity.

However, if you've seen a couple of movies showing the premise of extra-terrestrial life, like me you would wonder why the UFO's shape is somewhat elongated, unlike the most common disc-shape. This got me to wondering about the types of extra-terrestrials out there. After all, the universe is a huge enough space to be inhabited by more than a million different species. My mind went crazy imagining how every distinctive UFO shape may belong to a different alien specie, what capacity this alien craft might have, or how come most sightings are those of the cone-shaped ones. Believe me, no matter how much I research and read up on this subject, there is no confirmed incident or legit alien sighting ever recorded. Which makes me even more curious about government cover-ups and massive undercover weapons development, but that my friend is a whole other story.

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