How To Build A 16 Brick Rocket Stove For $6

One of the alternative cooking sources that is inexpensive today is a brick rocket stove. It is a pile of bricks that has a narrow opening where the fire passes through straight up and can cook the food fast even in windy conditions.

With $6, you can build your own brick rocket stove. You can buy a few blocks of bricks at the Home Depot or any store and with it, you'll have a safe and convenient stove and outdoor barbecue grill to build. Do not buy those non-fire bricks for they might explode if you use them too often in extreme heat.

The original idea of people building this rocket stove was to spread this low-tech method of boiling water while avoiding disaster. This will help in saving money from buying gas cylinders monthly for your gas stove which is also not good when it comes to times when you really need to save money for something important.

Knowing also how to build a brick rocket stove can also be a survival skill or just when you are going camping. Just search the area for some bricks, dried leaves and twigs and you're good to go into cooking your fresh caught fish for dinner.

This is definitely a good project to work with your family and friends and you can finish in just about 2 hours while camping on the weekends or doing outdoor activities. Not only will you share the bonds with them but also the knowledge of teaching them a helpful survival skill. It's like playing Lego and at the same time, teaching other people.

Each technology has it's Pros and Cons, though the good news to this is that it has a lot of Pros and just a single Con with it. The only Con of this is that this requires you to really pay attention to the food that you are cooking or it may end up burning.

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