How to Build a 16 Square Foot Raised Garden Bed for Less Than $20

You don't need a lot of space to grow your own food in your backyard. If you do not have ideal soil in your yard for a garden, you can build raised garden beds that can be inexpensive and easy to build yourself. You can build beds of various sizes depending on your needs. And you can start with one and add more as you are ready. It does not take a lot of time to build a small raised garden bed. All of the materials needed can be found at your local hardware store.

Using raised garden beds allows you to choose the kind of soil best for your garden and allows for better drainage of the soil. The soil does not get compacted which will yield more crop. Using clean, fresh soil will minimize the amount of weeds and pests that will grow in your garden because it will not contain dormant seeds or pests. You will also be able to plant your crop a little earlier than if you were to plant directly in the ground. The soil will warm more quickly in spring because the garden bed is above ground level.

Raised garden beds are different from planters. Planters have a bottom that keeps all the soil inside the container. Raised beds are open to the ground, and this allows for the roots of the plant to go deeper and contain more nutrients.

Using fresh food from the garden in your kitchen has benefits. Fresh food contains more nutrients and flavor.

The basic materials needed to build a garden box are lumber, galvanized screws, a screw gun and a cordless drill. You can also use non-toxic paint to paint the lumber if you choose, but this is not necessary.

Step by step instructions for building a raised garden bed can be found at the 'Homestead and Prepper' website below.

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