How To Build A Garden Shed From 4 Doors

With so many people downsizing their lives and moving into tiny homes and small houses, there is no shortage of tiny house and innovative design ideas to be found. "How To Build A Garden Shed From 4 Doors," is a perfect example of how your can recycle and give new life to something you may have lying around the house.

This simple video tutorial gives you the 14 steps to build your own garden shed out of four old doors. This do it yourself build, is a great way to give new life to four door you might have lying around the house, or maybe you can look around at a garage sale or friends to see if they have any old doors they aren't using. All you need for the garden shed project is a concrete slab, some timber and roofing. The tiny garden shed in the video tutorial is painted all white and has a windowpane door in the front that allows you to see inside of the cute garden shed. It's a perfect little spot for putting your garden tools and supplies, or can be used for hanging your rakes, shovels and other garden tools. The sloped rood on the tiny garden shed also looks good.

YouTube is an excellent resource to help with any of your home projects from tiny garden sheds to larger sized sheds, home renovations and repair, interior design projects, and any building project you might have form tiny houses to log cabin builds. Whatever it is you need to do there is sure to be a Youtube tutorial on how to do it, even if you don't think you are the handyman sort of person, you might surprise yourself with step by step instruction in video form, to help you change your mind.

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