How To Build A Hydroelectric Water Wheel

Do you ever miss the good old days and wish that certain useful tools were still available, like the hydro electric water wheel? Those of us who live in parts of the world where there is running water, instant electricity and other fantastic inventions often forget about some of the tools from earlier days.

There are certain projects that if you are handy and inventive you can still create at home with a little do it yourself attitude, the right materials and a good plan. In some parts of the world you can find old materials by asking the neighbours, checking the newspapers and browsing the internet. There are always people who want to give away their old 'junk' but often times this junk can be re-used into meaningful projects like this Hydroelectric water wheel.

Hydro power is powered from the energy of falling water and running water, and it can harnessed for useful purposes. The kinetic energy of flowing water will rotate the propellers of a turbine and in turn convert this into electrical energy.

To build your own, you will need to find the following materials: industrial wire spool, pvc pipe, threaded rod, fiberglass resin, block bears, a steel shaft, automotive flex gear, and of course your imagination. If you live on a property where there is water flow, it may have crossed your mind that you could use this water flow for the greater good. This project has a great link of one man;s full project from start to finish, which you can print out and follow this example. It might be some trial and error, and it might take you some time to find all the right materials (especially if you are trying to get them for free), but in the end you may be lucky enough to walk to your water source and be mesmerized by your own water wheel.

For the guide on how to build this water wheel, visit the 'Build it Solar' link below.

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