How To Build A Solar-Powered Still To Purify Drinking Water

This great article from Off The Grid News details the steps involved in building a solar still for distilling water that may have been contaminated with anything from parasites and viruses to heavy metals and toxic chemicals. The main benefit of distillation is that you know for sure you are removing all of the toxins with the process, whereas other purification methods might remove some pathogens but won't necessarily remove all toxic elements from your drinking water.

This article gives directions on how to make a permanent solar still for constant use to distill water for safe drinking. The design utilizes the heat and light of the sun to accelerate the distillation process. The major drawback of distillation is that it is a slow process, however by using the sun's power and keeping the still in continual operation this system allows for a constant reliable water supply. This project requires extensive supplies and some precise measurements, so it would be worthwhile dedicating sufficient time and resources to complete it accurately. Once completed the still can purify any water no matter how contaminated it may be. Even dirty swamp water full of particulate matter can be distilled into pure clean drinking water.

As environmental pollution and water contamination become more of an issue around the globe, having a safe and reliable source of drinking water is a crucial concern. Anyone living near an industrial waste site could be at risk for water contamination in the event of an undetected leak or spill. It would be wise to have a solar still set up before a disaster such as this could strike.

Although distilled water is safe to drink, it is not necessarily ideal to use as your main water source on a long term basis. Ground water contains essential minerals that provide important building blocks for our physiological functioning. Care must be taken to avoid long term deprivation of these essential nutrients.

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