How to Build a Square Fire Pit

The human discovery of fire and the ability to control how the fire is used was one of the earliest human discoveries because of the massive and important implications that come along with fire. The ability to cook, to boil water, to create tools and so on. Nowadays, fire is used for many people around the world as a main source of energy efficient heating, and carbon friendly heating, as well as for many as a special central place to gather for events and social happenings.

It is easy to understand the appeal of your own back yard fire pit to gather around with refreshments and a group of dear friends and family. This is a DIY job that is in fact quite simple to do and worth the effort. Just remember growing up as a small child in a forest area in the hills and how dear the memories are of music, family and the fire pit. The back yard fire, all on it's own becomes the source of inspiration, light and atmosphere and will become a favourite place to chill out in your yard.

There are many many ways in the world to create a back yard fire pit, and this great DIY gives the step by step instructions how to make a square fire pit! Some tools you will need for this include a shovel (which is optional), stone blocks, set of wall caps, decorative rocks, a fire ring and wood. Well of course, the first step youll probably do before building and following the steps is to check first with local authorities. Wether it be a fire marshal or a fire department, find it out first if fire pits are permitted in your area. If they are allowed, learn the rules, proximity to its surrounding structures and other considerations.

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