How To Build A Terra Cotta Fountain

Do you love the sound of gently trickling water? Have you ever thought of building your very own water fountain? Heres one way to do it using terra cotta flower pots!

Terra Cotta is a clay material that is used for making many things, including flower pots. These pots are very inexpensive and come in all shapes and sizes, along with saucer trays that go underneath them. Terra cotta is very earthy and natural-looking, blending in well in the house and garden, and for this reason these pots are wonderful building blocks for creating your do-it-yourself fountain.

The first thing to do is gather your materials and tools together. Youll need 6 terra cotta saucers: one 14-inch, one 7-inch, one 6-inch, and three 4-inch saucers. Youll also need two pots one that is 6 inches and one that is 4 inches in diameter.

In addition, youll require a fountain water pump as well as plastic tubing to attach to it, silicon sealant, clear spray sealant, a round file and a drill with a 3/8 inch masonry bit. A small block of wood will also come in handy when you need to use the drill.

The clear spray sealant will help waterproof the 14-inch saucer so it will hold water for a longer length of time. The rest of the terra cotta pots and saucers must be soaked in water to make drilling holes and notches in them much easier. The masonry bit can be used to drill the appropriate holes while the file is used to widen the holes if necessary so they can accommodate the plastic tubing. You can also use the file to make notches in the flower pots so all will fit together smoothly. The silicon sealant will seal in any gaps so your fountain will be water-tight.

Once your fountain is complete, you can decorate it with colourful stones and plants, as well as anything else that catches your fancy. Now you have a beautiful new fountain to place on a table or in your garden, and the best thing about it is youve made it all by yourself!

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