How to Build a Tumbling Composter

There was a time when recycling as a general concept was new, trendy, and quite out of the ordinary for most people. Fortunately, now it seems as if not just every household but every public and private venue are equally equipped for easy recycling. With each generation, we have honed our understanding of recycling and see the potential recycle value in everything we use. With recycling being almost commonplace for most, what is the next step? Where can we go from here to further incorporate environmentally friendly and mindful earth practices into our daily lives? Well, there is great potential in composting. Many cities have incorporated systems in which the municipality will pick up organic compost in designated bins on their normal garbage routes. While this is an excellent new practice for urban dwellers that saves on household garbage, and is a way to give back to the earth from which we reap so much, for those with even a small bit of land and an interest in gardening themselves- hanging on to that compost can be very beneficial. A practical and easy way to generate compost for your own personal outdoor use is to build a tumbling composter in your own backyard.

The materials and tools are fairly simple, including items such as a large plastic garbage can, a saw, a marker, a tape measure, a drill, and a wooden saw-pony. As for what to fill your compost with? The options are endless, and every scrap of organic matter adds its own unique nutrient make up to your compost as it decomposes. Odds and ends from the choppings of a stirfry dinner, peels from a fruit salad, or trimmings from Spring pruning are all excellent candidates for the compost bin. Tumbling composters are easy to rotate, are breathable, and have an easy-open door making composting accessible and simple. For full instructions on how to create your own tumbler and get composting today, check out the link below to the Goods Home Design website..

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