How To Build an AMAZING Herb Spiral

This Herb Spiral Garden is not only nice to look at, but you get a lot of garden in a small space by building this shape. Herbs have proven to be beneficial to health and require less maintenance to grow. Many people are starting to get interested in planting herbs. Some are creating the herb spiral in their backyard. The herb spiral allows you to plant a variety of herbs in different conditions but at the same place. The herb spiral is great for small space and easy to take care of. All you need is rock or bricks, card board, fertilizer, seeds and soil. Below are simple ways to can follow to create the amazing herb spiral at your backyard:

Step 1: Measure and estimate the primary point of your spiral and its position. Mark the spot by drawing lines on the ground. Make sure it is visible in order to prevent mistakes.

Step 2: Start up with the base. Use the card board and place it as the base to prevent weeds to grow and disrupt the growth of the herbs. Some people use newspapers, but it is best to use materials that do not contain toxic element such as ink from the newspapers.

Step 3: Create the wall arrangement of the spiral by putting up brick or stones which forms a spiral. Once you have laid the first layer of bricks, put another layers of bricks so that it can hold the soil.

Step 4: Put the soil and other organic materials such as the organic fertilizer, compost soil, coconut fiber, some worms from worm farmhouse, and dry grass clippings. You can also add your own organic material that you think is suitable for the growth of the herbs.

Also, do not forget to moisten the soil from the bottom to prevent it from dryness. Once the soiling is done, you can now plant a variety of herbs from the top and down of the spiral.

To see how to build this please watch the You Tube video below.

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