How To Build An Automatic Chicken Waterier

Keeping chickens means fresh eggs and fresh chicken meat and they can be a lot of work sometimes. It is not something you can take a day off from without making sure that your chickens are not going to be jeopardized. Their food and water must always be something that is taken care of. The health of your chickens should be a priority, whether you are doing for your own personal use or if you are raising chickens as a source of income. Chickens must have water and you must ensure that their thirst is quenched even when you are not around. How is that possible even without your supervision? What you need is an automatic chicken waterer. This will allow you to take a little time away from the care of your chickens.

You don't need to buy this when you can make one yourself.

The first thing that you need to build is a water tank. You will need it to be elevated just so the water will easily fall where the chickens will have an easy access to it. You must also consider the height of the drinking vessel for the chickens. It can't be to high that your poultry will have a hard time drinking and it can't be too low as well for the same reason. The goal with this model of waterer is to use a 55 gallon water barrel and a strong enough stand to hold the weight so the stand will not collapse.

Read the instructions well and take a look at the diagram, you will be able to complete this project. Imagine how handy this is going to be for both you and those lovely little chickens of yours!

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