How To Clean A Refrigerator In 5 Steps

“I want to ask you something about fridge cleaning.” Sure! What is it? “How do you clean your refrigerator?” *longest silence ever* Well, you know… the usual. “Like how?” I mix water with bleach then wipe my fridge using an only-Gosh-knows-what cloth. *silence* Right. The silence proves everything. But hey! Now I know! Ha! Thanks to the website Our Daily Ideas. It has certainly given me light in times of my… knowledge deficiency. For people who think the same way I did when cleaning the fridge, this is it. (*fingers crossed* I hope I'm not the only one.) This time, we will learn about the proper things to use when you clean your lovely fridge.

This way of cleaning your fridge is featured in Our Daily Ideas website. This idea is from Francine from the website Teresa's Family Cleaning. Bleach? No. Big ‘x’ to that, fellas! Big no-no! Detergent? It can be. But as stated in the website Top Cleaning Secret, “detergents would leave behind a smell that your food is likely to absorb.” You don’t want to eat detergent-like smell food, right? So, when you clean your refrigerator, it is recommended to use water, baking soda, vinegar and not that only-God-knows-what cloth but a microfiber cloth. Also, you cannot avoid those sticky spills. According to Francine, “to remove dried sticky spills like syrup or jelly, simply saturate a sponge with hot tap water and carefully place on sticky area.” You may use tongs instead of your fingers. “Do I need to unplug my fridge?” If you are defrosting, yes. You can unplug. However, if you are cleaning… it’s still up to you. But hey, you want to save electricity, right? It would be best if you unplug it. *winks*

From this moment on, I will take you to the five steps on how to clean your fridge. All you have to do is click Our Daily Ideas website below and have a nice time properly cleaning your refrigerator!

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