How to Clean Baking Pans in 5 Minutes

You are sure to fall in love with the following cleaning tip on how to clean baking pans in 5 minutes! No one really enjoys cleaning, and when it comes to baking pans, it's not exactly the most fun job to do. But with this cleaning tip, you can get the job done quickly, and have your baking pans looking like new again. If you like to do a lot of cooking and baking, it doesn't take long before your pans start to look full of stains, and caked on grease.

No one wants to spend a lot of money on toxic cleaners that you have to be careful about breathing in. This cleaning tip is inexpensive and it's an all natural remedy to the caked on grease that none of us like. And all it takes are just two simple ingredients and a little elbow grease and the job will be done in just a couple of minutes. It's that easy. Just a note, this cleaning tip is not for coated or non-stick baking pans and sheets.

So to get started on your baking pan cleaning solution, you will start off with the baking sheets and pans that you want to get clean. What you will need for this at home cleaning solution are some Bon Ami powder, you can also use baking soda, but Bon Ami powder works a little more quickly and easily for stubborn stains. You will also need some aluminum foil, that you crumple up. Some paper towels, and some water to make a paste.

Now gather up all the items that you need for this cleaning tip, and start by first washing the dirty baking sheets and pans with some soap and water. Then sprinkle the Bon Ami powder onto the dirty baking sheets and baking pans. And add some water to your paper towel. Use the wet paper towel to rub the powder all over the baking pan. Now crumple up the aluminum foil into a ball and rub the stains on the dirty baking sheets and pans. Wash the pans with some soap and water, and if necessary repeat the process. That's all you need to do. So easy, right? Now your baking sheets and baking pans look like new, and you are all ready to start cooking or baking!

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