How to Clean Cloudy Glasses Easily!

There are few things as annoying in keeping a clean home as dirty dishes. If you watch any TV show, the commercials will come on boasting the latest and newest dishwashing detergent, or soap to clean with that is supposed to be the best thing to ever hit the market. But with all these "amazing" products, why do people still suffer from cloudy dish syndrome?

Dishwashers are great but sometimes they leave behind all sorts of nasty residues that we wish never existed. It's embarrassing when you have company over, and it just doesn't feel good when you need to drink or eat from cloudy dishes either. One of the reasons dishes come out cloudy is certain chemicals in the water, perhaps it's hard water with many chemicals that are reacting with the dish soaps, or it can be a result of old piping which is leaching unwanted residues that are the source of the problem. Either way, it's important to have a secret weapon on hand to banish this issue once and for all, and here it is! This lady shares her trick that she successfully uses in her home. You might be surprised at just how easy it is to beat this problem. In fact, you will probably wonder why you ever dealt with the situation for so long, before looking for an alternative! But, it's okay, once you know this trick, you'll be hooked and you can say bye bye to cloudy dishes forever. You can also share the tip with your friends and family so they think you're a genius, and are forever in your debt. Whatever suits your fancy, go ahead and give this trick a try. It's effective, safe to use, and really easy on the wallet. So there's no excuse to have cloudy dishes ever again.

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