How to Clean Drip Pans Easily and Naturally

Okay, so we've all been there before. You have something in a pan or a pot, maybe it's some pasta boiling and you're doing something else... it's all under control, you think. But then that distinctive sound occurs. The splash, sizzle, and ensuing burning smell that tells you the water boiled over, or maybe you just dropped some food onto the drip pans. On the bright side, they are drip pans and they are there to catch whatever unwanted food has made its way onto their surface. But the trouble is getting them clean of those unwanted spills without using weird commercial cleaners that stink up the entire house with unwanted fumes. Well there's no guarantee that you are never going to spill something onto those drip pans, but one thing that can be guaranteed is a simple method for cleaning them easily and naturally. All it takes is a few simple and eco friendly ingredients, and a bit of patience to get your stove top and burners sparkling new again, or at least almost new. The creator of 'Frugality Gal' goes into detail about the process and shows all of the proof with her before and after pictures. The before pictures are quite ugly, so you know this method can be used on even the seemingly worst of situations. You probably have everything you need in your cupboard too, so if you have a free afternoon, or even the evening once the kids are in bed, you can put this trick to the test. It doesn't require very much active effort on your part, it's just one of those "set it and forget it" methods. Check out this article at the link below at 'Frugality Gal' if you're curious about how to clean your drip pans easily and naturally, I know this is going to be a part of my cleaning arsenal from now on!

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