How To Clean Your Microwave in Just 5 Minutes!

If cleaning your microwave is one of those dreaded kitchen cleaning jobs you hate to do, then need to take a look at How To Clean Your Microwave in just 5 minutes. This cleaning tip step by step tutorial uses eco friendly cleaning supplies to get the job done right. Anyone who uses a microwave knows how quickly the microwave can get dirty. It's also one of those jobs that nobody likes to do. Microwaves are perfect for cooking or reheating smaller portions of food quickly. An energy efficient microwave oven may also utilize less energy than a large stove or oven. The microwave was invented in 1946 by a Percy Spencer using radar technology that was used in World War 2. Although it wasn't until 1967 that the first microwave made for the kitchen countertop was created. Soon after restaurants and households all wanted one of the convenient appliances. Today the microwave is still used in households and restaurants all over the country, with the microwave design going from big and bulky to small and sophisticated. Cleaning the microwave oven can be time-consuming, at times being a tedious task that can demand quite a bit of elbow grease to get this job well done.

This article offers excellent cleaning tips using eco friendly cleaning supplies to clean your microwave with ease without the use of cleaning chemicals. All you need is some white distilled vinegar, water, lemon essential oil and an ovenproof glass bowl to hold the mixture. The microwave cleaning tips consist of heating up the white distilled vinegar, the water and the drop of essential oil and then letting the eco friendly cleaning supplies mixture sit inside the microwave while it softens and steams off the food items stuck inside the microwave. You will also need to use a clean cloth or sponge to wipe down the microwave afterward. The cleaning tip is that the vapors in the steam are going to do all the cleaning for you by softening the stuck on food, and making it less work to get it off. This cleaning tip uses non toxic cleaners to clean your microwave oven. All of the ingredients in the non toxic cleaners work their magic, but won't leave you with cleaning chemicals that are not good for you or your family to inhale. We all know that the best cleaning tips to keep microwave ovens looking good are to wipe them down after each use. But let's face it, chances are if youre using the microwave in the first place you are probably already in a rush, meaning you do not have a lot of time to be cleaning appliances. The microwave oven is supposed to be a convenient appliance to use in your kitchen, so why not put it to good use and use the heat that it also generates to clean it.

White vinegar has a wide variety of uses when it comes to eco friendly cleaning supplies and cleaning tips. You can use white distilled vinegar for cleaning tips like removing odors from rooms, cleaning light fixtures in your kitchen and bathrooms, removing spills and stains from carpets, cleaning windows, and so much more. White vinegar is also an eco friendly cleaning supplies and non toxic cleaners that are good for removing odors. You can use this all non toxic cleaners by simply placing an open bowl of vinegar in any room where you need to get rid of bad odors and in the morning the room will smell fresh.

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