How to Get Her to Pay

This topic comes up all the time. The guy wants to know "How To Get Her To Pay". We are talking about a situation where you have gone out a lot of times with the person. For some reason, she is expecting you to always be the one to pay the bill.

I know this sounds awkward. Its not that compulsory that the guy always pays.

Wygant sets up a sample dinner date where when the bill comes; he excuses himself for a bathroom break. His strategy, let her be the one to view the bill. Let her play her own mind game wondering if she should take a turn. Likely she'll text a friend he says to get another opinion.

Be sure you give her ample time, 5 minutes or more to be there with the bill sitting there on the table.

When you come back, just sit there and stare her down. Don't touch the bill. He says usually she will take the prompt and pay it. He uses a Jerry Seinfeld trick if she has not taken the hint, sliding the bill across the table to her. He then will say something very endearing such as, and I quote from Wygant You know what I love? I love when a woman takes me out to dinnerit makes me feel really appreciated and desired and when I feel desired watch out what happens.

This is way of saying, your turn to pay. It's not about him having the money or not to do it. Its about being fair and not letting the lady think that she can take the ride with you and that you are going to dishing out the cash for everything.

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