How to Grow 6,000 Lbs of Food on 1/10TH Acre

Do you ever think about having your own vegetable garden? In a world and generation where GMO is rising and organic food is becoming more expensive to purchase, if you have a little space you may want to consider growing some of your own food. You can take control of how your produce is grown and taken care. You can do this organically without needing to manipulate your food with chemicals that are just so unhealthy to your body. Ever wonder why cancer and other deadly diseases are on the rise as well? Don't be surprised when we say, that along with so many other contributing factors, it has something to do with the non-organic food that you are eating everyday.

This garden article is based on using a piece size of 1/10th acre of land. You don't need this much space to grow some of the foods you eat, you can even have container gardens. If you do have this amount of space grab this opportunity to plant whatever it is that you want. Some simple things to grow are lettuce, spinach, herbs, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, onions, cucumbers, carrots and radishes. Beans and peas are a great addition to the garden as well. You can have things that come quick and early in the season and things that mature later like squash and One of the easiest fruits to grow is the beloved strawberry.

Different parts of the country have more success with growing certain veggies and fruits than others. Check with your local garden center with regard to the climate and soil in your area so you can plant the items you know you will have the best success growing.

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