How To Grow A Cat Plant

If you're reading this, I'm assuming you like cats. (High five! And let me show you some adorable pictures of my cat. Now show me yours.) Actually, if you're on the Internet at all, you probably like cats. Yes, enjoying cat memes is the same thing.

In any case, you'll be pleased to hear about a new hobby that is quickly growing in popularity with cat lovers and horticulture enthusiasts worldwide: growing cat plants.

What are the benefits of cat plants? Cat plants are GMO-free and rarely have serious pest problems. Although they require regular feeding, they are hardy in all climate zones and propagate easily. In fact, you are strongly advised to prune back all cat plants early on, to discourage uncontrolled multiplying, as with other fast-spreading plants like bluebells and ox eye daisies.

Of course, cat plants are pleasant to look at and would be the focal point in any environment. Whether you have a tiny apartment or a country manor, you should sow a few cat plants to enhance your surroundings. They arguably offer the greatest rewards out of anything else you might find at the garden centre, despite not bearing edible leaves or fruit*.

*While cat plants have not been shown to be toxic to humans, all parts are deemed generally inedible.

What's that? You say you are sold on the idea, but don't have a green thumb? Your life so far is a bloody history of houseplants left for weeks without water, backyards surrendered to dandelions, or, in a similar vein, goldfish bursting from over-zealous feeding?

Well, whose isn't?

What's important is that the best things in life -- which my cat says are definitely cats -- are worth a bit of effort on your part. As they say, there's nothing like tasting fruit you've grown and harvested yourself, or cuddling feline you've sown and tended with loving care.

Don't worry, you can pick up (not by the scruff, please) cat planting in no time with an ultra simple guide. You can read the full guide on BuzzFeed by clicking the link below.

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