How To Grow Garlic

Garlic is so easy to grow! There are so many foods that you could grow in your garden, even in a small garden and today you will learn how to do that with garlic. It is one of the basic things that you must have in your kitchen and pantry because almost all recipes for your meals require the presence of this amazing crop. Garlic is not just good for your cooking but also for your health. If you do some extensive research about it, you will realize that it could pretty much cure anything or at least alleviate anything that causes you pain.

So here is how you will do it. All you need to do is plant one clove even in just a small pot with healthy soil. Plant it sprout side up and water. Pick an area where it would get proper sunlight and make sure that you water it regularly. You dont need to use an entire garden for this project because just a small pot will do!

You can plant your garlic in a beautiful piece of pottery or choose any type of planting pot that perhaps matches your kitchen decor. If you have a place in your kitchen, like the kitchen sill where you can get a direct source of sunlight, that would be the best. Enjoy watching your garlic grow over the next few weeks. Growing garlic is not hard and it wont take long till you can finally harvest them. When the garlic is ready, it gets pulled from the soil and hung to dry. Did you know that when you see that garlic ball, the entire thing is called the 'head' and each of the smaller sections are called 'cloves'. There can be 10-20 cloves in some varieties of garlic. Some varieties are jumbo garlic and they have less cloves, but larger ones. It is a single 'clove' that you will be planting in your garden pot.

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