How To Grow Potatoes In Potato Planter Bags

Gardening is a worthwhile activity that is done by many people all throughout the globe. There are those that garden as a hobby, and others who have made farming their lifestyle. There are farmers that grow all the wonderful potatoes that fill the bins in the grocery stores. Farmers work hard in preparing the land and in planting it with crops. Hard work, knowledge and co-operation on Mother Nature's part in regards to weather determine how successful the crops are going to be.

For the home gardeners, the truth is, you do not need to have a large parcel of land to grow your veggies. If you want to grow some potatoes, potato planter bags have become popular, and you can get a good crop of potatoes with the growing method. Yes, you read it right! You plant potatoes in these simple bags. These potato bags are available in the garden section of many stores or at you local nursery.

Fill the bottom of the bag with a few inches of good quality potting soil and plant a layer of potatoes leaving several inches of space between. Sprinkle on a little slow release fertilizer and cover with another layer of soil.

Water enough to make the soil moist, but don't overwater. You do not want the soil to be mucky. You will rot your potatoes if you keep you soil too wet.

As the potatoes grow and shoot green out of the top, when the sprouts are showing a few inches, cover with another layer of soil to cover. Continue this process throughout the growing season until you have you planting bag full of soil.

Finally, let the plant continue to shoot its green growth out the top. Next let the plants go to flower. When the flowers are finished blooming, the potatoes have formed underneath the soil.

Potatoes can grow in many layers in this method, and you can get a surprising amount of product.

You do not have to harvest them all at once. You can dig down and just harvest a few nice and fresh for each meal.

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