How To Make A Dandelion Paperweight

With spring just waiting for the opportunity to properly spring and that list of gifts for those warm weather birthdays and special days continuing to grow, aren't you in need of a great, season-appropriate gift for those you love?

Not only do you have that here, but you have the opportunity to look like a craft crusader! With this easy and handy dandelion paperweight, you can wow all those are you gift list. Do you need a present for your mother for mother's day? Maybe your difficult mother-in-law would appreciate one too. Hey, maybe anyone! Within a couple of hours you could have these to keep those pesky papers pinned down.

Enlist the help of your children and get outside and peruse for some unopened dandelions and pick them. Then bring them inside and let them dry out for a couple of days. It's a magnificent process to watch. Next all you'll need to do is pop on over to you nearest craft store for some supplies and make sure to work in a well ventilated area.

Otherwise, a trip to the home improvement store or into your toolshed for a face mask will do. You don't want to inhale any fumes. And lastly, you'll just need to find a vending machine with some toys and get one of those plastic egg containers to call your own and then, let the magic begin!

And then there you have it! The ultimate present for spring. Impressive your friends, your family, your co-workers, your those pesky other parents, and whatever naysayers out there, with your lovely, creative, and awesome paperweights that are not only season appropriate but honestly just such a cool gift. Everyone loves a good DIY present that looks like you've put in hours and hours of hard work. So why not save yourself the hassle of all that and give this one a try? You still get the same end result.

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