How to Make a Vertical Garden Wall

Build a vertical garden wall and cover some unsightly or uninteresting area with greenspace! Owning a garden is a wonderful blessing, and its also a place where you lay down all your creative ideas. You can start thinking differently and in terms of creating a vertical garden. This is also ideal if you only have a small area for gardening, such as a patio or balcony space. You could start by choosing the right wall for this project. It doesnt even matter if you think the wall is ugly because at the end of the project you will see how it will be transformed into a gorgeous one.

In fact, it is best to choose an ugly one because repainting it and changing its look to incorporate your vertical garden with it is just the right makeover that your wall needs. The next thing to think about is the kind of plants you would want to have on your vertical garden. Consider if your wall is in sun or shade and how much actual sunlight the plants on the wall will be exposed to. You will have to choose the right plants for the right conditions to have success in growing.

It is also a must that you have the right tools with you, as you go on with this task. We suggest that you have your own miter saw, cordless drill, staple gun, hammer, measuring tape, gloves, safety goggles and pencil. These are so far the basic things that you will need to set up a vertical garden.

The next thing to think about is the framing of your garden. You will need some wood and plastic sheeting to help build a frame. It is a must that you build this first before you mount it on the wall so the setting up on your plants will be easier. The great thing about a vertical garden is that you could have it both inside and outside your house, as long as there is a good wall to support and you build it so the water will be contained and maintened properly.

To more about how you could build one, check out the website Popular Mechanics below.

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