How To Make Homemade Ravioli

My aunt has gone through periods of excess when it comes to pasta. When she first started learning and making different kind of pasta many years ago, she would get carried away and make massive amounts of fettuccini when she visited to our house. Since then, I always craved pastas she made like her simple lasagna or spaghetti.

As we all know, pasta is a staple dish of Italian cuisine which is now popular worldwide. The main ingredients of pasta are unleavened dough and water. Eggs can be used as an alternative for water. The noodles are shaped by combining these primary ingredients. Whats so good about pasta is that you can make a variety of dishes from it. Its a highly versatile dish that can be served as a light or heavy meal.

There are dozens upon dozens of varieties of pasta shapes and sizes. One of my favorites is ravioli, a dumpling about 3x3cm, made from ingredients typically found at home such as flour, eggs and water. The filling in ravioli are sealed between two layers of pasta which are generally rolled thin. Making your homemade ravioli is simple. You can either do it with bare hands or use a food processor for help. Ravioli is known to be rich in B vitamins. It is also a source of complex carbohydrates. If you are truly passionate for cooking, you might want to consider adding ravioli to your recipe list as it is very easy to prepare.

If you are like so many who crave pasta more than anyone else in the world, you can make homemade raviolis in minutes and eat them on the go. But like many things in life, it is worlds better to share those tasty dumplings with your family and friends. You can check out the 'Better Homes and Gardens' website link below for this recipe.

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