How To Make Your Own Log Lounger

Guys, do you fancy to lay and rest yourself down on a log lounger? If you do, you don't have to buy one! In fact not likely you would easily find this kind of lounger. What we are featuring here today is easy to make if you have the right tools! For supplies you will need the logs, lag and deck screws, and brackets. If you have those, you can start and go! *winks* Wait! What is it? Who created this brilliant project? Oh, do you want to meet the creator of this log lounger? Absolutely! Well, here he is. Lets get inside the world of Homemade-Modern and the awesome guy behind it. *winks*

The smart and handsome man slash creator of log lounger is Ben Uyeda. He is a designer, lecturer, and entrepreneur, and he focuses on the field of affordable and sustainable design. Ben Uyeda is a graduate of B. Architecture at Cornell University. He also gets his Master of Architecture at the same university. In 2005, he is hired as a visiting lecturer at Cornell University where he creates an original curriculum for teaching sustainable design, emphasizing the importance of critically understanding contemporary media and popular culture when trying to implement environmentally progressive technologies. Uyeda won the U.S. Green Building Councils Natural Talent Design Competition in 2010. In the competition, he creates an affordable green home designs for the New Orleans' Broadmoor neighborhood. The designs are part of the rebuilding effort after the wrath of Hurricane Katrina.

He is also the person behind Homemade Modern. The goal of this website is to introduce ideas that aren't just about acquiring objects but about managing resources in a way that's useful and accommodates changing lifestyles. It does not only provide affordable DIYs. Uyeda makes sure that the DIYs are sturdy. Homemade Modern also focuses on inspiring people. We want to inspire and encourage people to create heirloom quality goods with naturally durable materials, stated in the website. It also aims to spread good design ideas and not the mass production of value engineered objects.

So, you want to know how Ben Uyeda build this log lounger? Just click Homemade-Moderns website below and have fun DIYing! *winks*

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